Individual Programs

Discover your own answers

Change is everywhere.
How do you feel in this moment now? Are you ready to investigate?
Ready to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions?

Is there something new out there, waiting for you and calling you to make THE change?

We offer useful support in this exciting discovery.

Business and Life Coaching

In business and in life you might feel challenged by a similar set of rules. There are ways to discover how your contribution to the world can increase, how you can transform your challenges and live a happy and succesfull life.

Business Coaching 3. 0

Do your leadership skills, your communication style or your crosscultural awarness need a little tweak here and there? Your carreer acceleration starts when you are ready to take an honest look at yourself.

Maybe you feel stuck in a place or situation and see a need for an innovative discovery method. We offer individual business coaching sessions with the whole system in mind. It is a much reccomended accelerated learning and awareness building process.

Career Change

Sharing my best knowledge and experience from long career in HR. Bring your CV, we will refresh it together with your LinkedIn profile and discuss detailed tips and tricks on finding the new dream job.

We will prepare the strategy of your carrer transformation together with use of practical exercize and role plays. You will integrate your previous work experience into a new source of inspiration.

Midlife Transitions

Are you approaching your midlife?

Do you re-evaluate your life purpose every day? Your life force seems to be weaker and weaker? On the other hand your own natural intelligence and creativity are inviting you to "do something about it"? Are you looking for a sophisticated brainstorming method to figure out your next move? All of this will be so much easier to do once you had all your options evaluated. If you are looking for a companion in this process, you have come to the right place.

Systemic approach

We live in a web of interconnected systems and relationships. They are nourished by our connection with each other. This web of our systems has an important impact on us, on choices we make and experiences we have. This web shapes how we see the world.

We offer individual systemic coaching sessions that will bring you a fresh new insight into your life experience.