Group Programs

Me and my Team

Is it easy to stay motivated in todays world? You might be an employee who would like to understand more about innovative tools and practices gaining momentum in modern corporations.

You might be a manager struggling to understand why your team is not performing at it's best as it used to. Carefully selected tools and practices providing a deeper insight into the mystery of self motivation will support you in this journey.

Our Team

It is an ongoing challenge to make your team flourish with all the change that is going on around you. You might often feel like the only thing you do is put out one fire after the other.

There is very practical advise at a reach of your hand. Few small steps to take and a big breakthrough can start. You can create the right conditions for your team and leave them do the rest of the work, because they are self motivated and effective.

Does it sound like utopia? Understanding the system in which your team operates is key to creating favorable conditions. Our custom taylored group experiential workshops are here to help you deepen your knowledge.

Our Workplace

When meeting other fellow professionals at conferences and networking events, we all end up discussing how our employment culture and general workplace arrangements need a radical change in order to actually survive and even thrive.

Does it feel like a big project, that is difficult to implement? The secret is simple: As soon as you see a need for change, transformation or further development in your organization, start it! Start with you, then experiment with your team and from there you can make the change in the whole organization.

Start with you, your attitudes and approaches. Our made to measure experiential workshops are designed to put a gentle mirror in front of you and your leadership team. All you need, is the understanding that change starts with every single person and their willingness to lead the way.

Leadership is holding the space for the brilliance of others...