Meet Jane

    Jane had a typical childhood as any other girl of her generation.
    She was a scout, was learning how to survive in the woods during the night, and was playing collective sports games with other boys and girls and all the society around her supported her to achieve as much as any boy can achieve.
    Her parents signed her up for skiing and gymnastics, even though she preferred more violin and dance classes.
    She was not competitive until her university studies. As she was a smart girl, her family and friends kept reminding her that she is as good if not better as any man.
    So at one point she rolled up her sleeves.
    After the university studies she started to climb the carrier ladder. And she was successful…
    From a specialist to a manager and later a big team director. In corporate world dressed in trousers she navigated the troubled waters smoothly. Jane was on time on meetings, used nice colorful project spreadsheets and extremely effective on her to do lists.
    Her professional success requested a toll in her personal and professional life.
    One day her team decided to put up a mirror in front of her.
    They changed the label on her office from Jane to John.
    That night she went back home and looked at her children, at her household and at her wardrobe with new eyes.
    Yes, she was John indeed.
    She was effective, strict and action oriented. She thought she was also engaging, cooperative and supportive however apparently it was not what her team thought. She was John for them. Not Jane.
    So she decided to make some changes. She wanted to be more feminine again. She decided to find a coach who would support her in finding her feminine voice and magnetic energy and use it creatively and in balance with her active and productive masculine energy for the benefit of the professional life transformation.

    Jane started with her wardrobe and all trousers were exchanged for colorful skirts. She cancelled her fitness center membership and started ballroom dancing lessons with her husband.
    She also started to play in her garden, growing plants and flowers. It enabled her to observe and admire the incredible power and creativity of the Mother Nature.
    Decided to start cooking again. Started to spend much more quality time with her family and friends where spontaneity played a major role. No more colorful excel spreadsheets!
    She sometimes came to meetings late – charming and smiling so nobody could tell anything. She stopped managing her team, instead decided to create conditions for them to flourish. She completely transformed her leadership style.
    With such “non-efficient, non-productive approach” she could not last in her current director position too long. In corporations you simply behave in a certain way and too much unpredictable feminine is often seen as destructive for productivity.
    However after some time her new leadership style became so popular in her corporation that she could continue, with the support of her coach, the step by step organizational transformation of her own workplace. In subtle feminine way.